Friday, January 11, 2013

Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder

The New Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder
Taking the DS series of digital voice recorders to the next level, the Olympus DS-7000 offers the functionality and ease that you love with enhanced features that will increase your dictation performance. Designed with needs of professionals to make your dictation experience as streamlined as possible. The DS-7000 features a modern design that is intuitive and natural. Working on the success of earlier DS models, the DS-7000 combines the features that are familiar with additional power and simplicity. With the DS-7000, Olympus continues their 40 year tradition of digital voice recorder excellence.


Key DS-7000 Features

  • Slide Switch for easy operation
  • Large 2.0 inch color LCD (TFT) for clear view
  • 3 Function buttons for customization
  • Centrally located buttons
  • Long lasting rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Dual card slot (SD / micro SD up to 32 GB)
  • 23mm (0.9 inch), 300 mW speaker
  • Wireless LAN Card (optional)

Technical Features

Independent Microphone Housing
The recording quality of new DS series is greatly improved due to the increased size and improved microphone housing.
Clear & Colorful LCD
Boasting a 2.0 inch TFT color LCD screen, the Olympus DS-7000 is 34% larger than previous models.
Lithium-Ion battery
Offering a reduced charge time and longer lasting battery life, the Olympus DS-7000 utilizes Lithium-Ion batteries to enhance performance. The Lithium-Ion battery in the DS-7000 is a marked improvement over the Ni-MH batteries of earlier models.
5 Start Dragon Rating
DS-7000 Cradle
The newly designed Cradle for the DS-7000 enables you to charge your device from your computer via USB & for direct file transfer. It also provides an AC connector and foot switch input for simple, high quality hands free dictation.
Slide Switch Operation
Quiet and east-to-use slide switch results in performance, comfort, and increased productivity. With 4 main functions (record, stop, play, and reverse) the slide switch is great for on-the-go dictation.
Olympus DS-7000 Cradle and Slide SwitchOlympus DS7000
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