Monday, January 7, 2013

What is Digital Dictation?

What is Digital Dictation?


Dictation & transcription have been standard practices in medical and legal industries for years. Until recently the best option for recording dictations was on standard, mini, or micro cassette tapes, but with advances in technology, digital dictation recording devices are becoming more and more common. Between digital portable recorders, computer hand microphones, call in dictation systems, and mobile phone dictation there is sure to be a digital dictation option that is right for you.

Digital dictation is the process of recording a speaker’s voice in real time on a digital medium rather than a cassette tape. Digitally recording dictations offers many advantages over analog systems. Users can review or edit audio files by instantly re-winding or fast forwarding to any point in a dictation. Also, digital audio files can be emailed or uploaded for instant delivery to you transcriptionists, or you can easily store your recordings with a dictation management system like Olympus' Dictation Management Software.

Professional dictation equipment will record in DSS or DS2 audio file formats, which were created specifically for recording digital dictations. These formats compress your recording for high quality and small file size, making it easy to store and send your dictations. Any transcription or file management software can access and play these file formats, but as mentioned before there are several different ways to record your digital dictations.

Portable Recorder
Olympus DS-7000
Portable, hand held, digital recorders are a great replacement for your old analog handheld. With amazing quality and durability, professional level digital recorders like the Olympus DS 7000 DVT offer crystal clear hi-fi recording with familiar functions and operation. Easily transfer your recordings by simply docking or plugging into your computer; no more tapes to keep up with. With available slide switch, push button, fingerprint locking, and barcode scanning options there is a professional digital portable recorder that is right for you.

Another common way to record digital dictation is with a computer dictation microphone. There are several different types of computer dictation microphones available, but each one has similar features and operation. Olympus Direct Rec, Philips SpeechMike, and Dictaphone Powermic are all digital computer dictation microphones that also feature push button control for operating dictation or speech recognition software. Simply plug the dictation microphone into an open USB port on your computer, load your favorite compatible software, and start dictating; it’s as easy as that.

Call-in Dictation System
Call in dictation systems allow one to easily record their dictations over the phone; anytime anywhere. With DigiTel call in dictation systems you simply dial a phone number, enter a PIN and start dictating. Easy touch tone controls let you start, pause, playback, and send your dictation audio file. The DigiTel system features a Pod that you plug your phone line into. Then plug the pod into your computer and use any Philips, Olympus, or DigiTel transcription or management software to store and transcribe your digital dictation files.

Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub for iPhone
Mobile Phone
With the popularity and functionality of smart phones it is no surprise that there are several digital dictation applications available for your mobile phone. Philips SpeechExec dictation hub for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android is the premier mobile dictation app. With Speech Exec you can record, edit, and send your dictation files from anywhere in the world. The easy to use touch screen controls offer simple and intuitive operation, while automatic file encryption ensures maximum security. Philips dictation service’s wireless transfer of dictation files decreases turnaround time and enhances personal productivity. Stay connected to your dictation workflow anywhere and anytime.

With so many options in digital dictation there is sure to be a solution that will work for you. If you have any questions about digital dictation feel free to contact one of our Dictation Experts today.


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