Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Olympus ODMS Patch for Dragon 14

To all Olympus ODMS users,

Olympus has released patch 0010 for ODMS R6.4. This patch will now officially support Dragon 14 Professional & Legal in your ODMS workflow (both Group and Individual). If you have avoided Dragon in the past because of price, you are in luck. Version 14 has a new lower price point than previous versions, along with better performance and increased sensitivity. If you are already using Dragon 14, new patch fixes the following issues we found that occurred with these versions of DNS.

* The error message "Dialog is not supported"is displayed after a user performs his/her Dragon profile training from the option dialog even if it was trained already.

* The error message "Dialog is not supported"is displayed when a user launches VR editor without training his/her Dragon profile.

ODMS R6.4Patch0010 with release notes have been posted on our website. You can download the files here http://www.dtpss.com/Updates

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