Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Should I Dictate?

The short answer:
Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.

Traditionally, dictation and transcription has thrived in professions that involve large amounts of document creation. Doctors and attorneys were some of the first to discover the advantages of dictation over writing by hand. One could record his or her memos, letters, or notes, and later have a typist listen to the recordings and transcribe them into text. This saved time, money, and countless hand cramps, not to mention increased productivity.  

In recent decades, digital technology has developed so quickly that many facets of our daily lives have been totally reinvented, or even disappeared entirely. Now that computers are commonplace in every home and office, being able to type is less of a skillset and more just a part of life. Many young professionals have started to move away from dictation as part of their daily workflow, but unfortunately for them, they don’t know what they are missing. Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.

Can’t I just type all of my documents on the computer?
Did you know that the average person can talk three times faster than they can type? (It’s true; just see how long it takes you to read this entire blog post, then see how long it takes to type it out) That means that for every hour you spend typing out your letters, notes, memos, or other documents; you are wasting up to 40 minutes. Just think of what you can accomplish by reducing you document creating time by 2/3. 
Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.  

Time Is Money
Let’s be honest, you have invested countless hours (and not to mention money) in your career; and the market has assigned a value for the services you provide. Do you think that the market would assign that same value to simple typing services? Most likely it wouldn’t. So the question is, do you really think that you should waste time sitting behind a computer screen typing? 
Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.

Freedom to Think Freely
Writing can be a mentally strenuous task, even when it doesn’t appear to be. Forming thoughts into coherent phrases and then translating those phrases to text puts your mind in a specific state, which can hamper creative thinking. Dictation gives you the freedom to develop ideas organically, and can help open up a whole new world of creativity. 
Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.

Not your Grandpa’s Dictaphone
Professional cassette tape recorders dominated the dictation market for most of the 20th Century, and for good reason. Companies like Dictaphone developed recorders that were reliable well-built machines that doctors and attorneys used day-in and day-out for years. Many of these professionals relied so heavily on their cassette tape dictation recorders, that this antiquated technology has held on longer in the dictation world than in any other field. Now a new generation of legal and medical professionals is joining the workforce, and to you a cassette tape recorder looks like an antique.

Today there are a multitude of digital dictation devices available. From top-end professional digital dictation recorders to iPhone and Android aps, there is a digital dictation solution that fits your needs.  Get more work completed, in less time, and save money.

If you want to learn about how you can get more work completed, in less time, and save money with digital dictation, call us today.

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